Nano? Na NO?

Life’s been a wee bit too interesting lately.

Sy moved out and obviously took Mal and the cat with him.

We sat down to talk about something inconsequential that particular day and by the end of it he was saying he was moving out. Okay, not going to argue once you drop that particular bomb.

And I’d thought that we’d been doing better. Guess it was just me that was doing better. That’s not a bad thing. Really can’t have one without the other and if I’ve got to pick one it would be the latter.

Once I got over the initial WTF I realized that while this does suck, it’s not the worst thing that’s ever happened to me and if I’d survived Those Things I can certainly move on from this one.

It also didn’t hurt that as soon as he moved out we started talking again.

I’d really missed that.

Two weeks after he moved out, he texted when he got out of Second Work and asked if he could come by.  When he walked through the door he came right up to me, told me he loved me, missed me and didn’t want to live without me and then laid one on me like he hasn’t in far too long.

It was both utterly romantic and totally absurd. Works for me.

It also worked that in no way, shape or form was he asking to move back in. Not that I would have let him even if he had asked. Once he was gone I remembered how much I like being the only adult in the house.

He found a beautiful apartment. I’m putting my house back into the order that I prefer and doing a lovely sort and purge in the process. I’ve been here for 12 years, it’s time.

We’ve known each other for 28 years in so many iterations. This is just another episode in the continuing adventures.

We can do it this way, for now.

The way that works for us, for now.

Is it perfect?

Hell no!

But what relationship is?

But I’d much rather miss him and be completely present when he’s in front of me, then have him here all the time and not be present because I need a bit of peace and quiet to hear my own thoughts.

And I get more time alone with him awake then I did when we slept in the same bed every night.

We just got back from a beautiful weekend in the North Kingdom. Was it the idealized romantic interlude?  No, but it was perfectly wonderful and very us.

In all the years we’ve known each other, we never went away together. Not quite sure why. Bad timing and worse economics I suppose.

Economics is an issue being the only adult in the house. But when isn’t it?

It’s not unreasonable for me at my advanced age to be financially independent. I was for a brief moment before Cassie but kids have a tendency to change that particular equation.

I have more time for writing now even if this particular bit of the universe hasn’t been reflecting that.

I think I needed to process things a bit. Not unreasonable considering the circumstances.

I’ve got the first chapter of The Tome’s total rewrite printed out. I started with a blank page and went from there.  It’s rough as fuck with chunks that still need to be finished, sections to be filled in and stuff that needs to be saved in a different place for subsequent chapters. But it’s all there from start to finish. Just need to add some frosting to the cake after I clean it up a bit.

Toying around with the idea of doing NaNoWriMo since I’ve obviously got to bring the incremental forward momentum on The Tome to a screeching halt.

At least it’s a distraction with a built-in time limit?

It’ll be fun! Right?

Eh, whatever.  No need to make any life altering decisions, for now.

Just kinda seeing where this takes us all.

One of my favorite pictures of us.
One of my favorite pictures of us.

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