Raspberry redemption

I’m starting to get a handle on this slightly healthier eating style which also includes trying to stick with more local and in-season foods.

It’s simple. Buy the cheapest fresh fruit and veg.

Yeah, you can get more complicated than that, buy organic, local, heritage varieties or what have you. But generally the cheapest fresh stuff is in-season somewhere so the method is a good gateway into being more aware of food choices. Just go up the ladder as budget allows or as interest is piqued.

And besides, have you every tasted a winter strawberry?  Strawberry in name alone.

Life is too short to eat crap food.  Unless crap food is what you’re craving.

Stopped off at Costco on my way to work for gas and figured I might as well pick up some essentials while I was there.  Just the standards, milk, eggs, and a bunch of fresh fruit.  It’s the end of my monthly shopping cycle so the fresh stuff was eaten long ago.

Brought the cooler full of food into work to pop into the fridge.  Figured 10 hours in the trunk and 80° isn’t going to work.  Set the cooler up on the counter so I could off-load it into the fridge.  It took a header onto the floor while I was putting down the rest of my bags.

I was very happy that everyone else was temporarily outside so I could vent a few choice words. Kocky words as my youngest niece would call them.

At least it was zipped up and the mess was contained?

Thankfully the 3 dozen eggs came wrapped in plastic.  Raw egg on everything in the cooler would have really sucked.  Lost 7 eggs and had to wash the cartons and eggs and immediately take out the trash so it didn’t stink up the place.

More kocky words colored the air blue.

The flat of raspberries was on top of the eggs in the cooler.  They’re such delicate little things.  The container popped open and I had to immediately chuck what fell out.  The interior of the cooler wasn’t exactly sparkling clean.  It is now because I had to clean up the bloody mess.

The berries that were still clean were in various stages of mushed.  I didn’t want to lose them too.

They’re so sad looking.

Didn’t have to cook dinner when I came home last night.  I don’t cook after working that long a day.  So I came up with a dessert instead.

I plated a generous amount of the raspberry mush and sprinkled it with mini chocolate chips.  Heated it in the microwave for 10 seconds to take the chill off the berries and slightly soften the chips.

I bought the mini chips for a recipe and they’ve been sitting in the back of the cabinet for forever.  It’s only recently that I’ve discovered they actually do serve a purpose in the chocolate chip world.  I guess here’s yet another use.

Then I drizzled the mush and chips with some chocolate syrup.

I made a small batch of whipped cream with the immersion blender we got at Costco when it was on sale for $20.  I’ve used it to make tomato soup and to blend other things but I hadn’t used the whip attachment yet.  Usually when I’m making whipped cream it’s in mass quantities for one holiday or another so I use the big mixer.  Why have I never used this thing to do this task before?  Whipped cream in two minutes!

my friend the lemon
If you buy cheap lemons make sure to scrub the wax off with some dish soap and a scrubbie. It’s food safe but do you really want to eat it?

The desert looked good once I finished plating it but was still missing something.  It needed some citrus to balance out the sweet so I zested some lemon peel across the top and served it.

final plate
Next time I’ll dice the lemon zest, but not too much.

The calorie count is between 200-300 depending on how heavy a hand you have with the chocolate chips, chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Eh, whatever.  It used up the mushed raspberries and tasted great.

I might just mush some next time on purpose.

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