Mama’s got a new groove

I loooooove music.

I always have.

A world without it would be much darker.

Live music, especially when a venue hits that critical mass of music pouring forth and wrapping itself around everyone in the audience and bringing them all together as one, makes me shiver just to think about it.

I’ve seen some truly amazing shows and have the hearing loss and constant ringing in my ears to prove it.

I try to remember to bring the ear plugs nowadays but only have about a 50% success rate.

My last very fine show was Gogol Bordello.  I’d already seen them once and jumped at the opportunity to see them locally again.  Traveling for shows isn’t in my budget at the moment.

Tears were seriously considered when I realize that I couldn’t sell one of the kids to get myself across the pond this summer to a European festival they were on the bill for.  I wouldn’t normally want to go that far for a show but they were sharing the bill with five other bands I’d love to see live.

Heavy sigh for shows not seen.

So anyways, Gogol Bordello came and we went.  I’d never heard of the opening band but they absolutely blew us both away.

Just two guys, sitting on a stage, making the most amazing music.

I’ve noticed over the years that people have gotten more rude at shows.  Maybe it’s my age showing but I’ve seen better manners in mosh pits.  The thing that makes me want to start throwing punches is when people go to a show and then talk loudly throughout it.  The people in front of us at this particular show came in late and refused to shut up.  They missed an amazing set of unique music to talk about their jobs and who’s sleeping with whom and omg have you tried that new flavored alcoholic drink.

If you want to talk, go to a bar.  If you want to hear music, go to a show.

The amazingness of Xylouris White was perfectly complimented by the energy and music of Gogol Bordello.  I don’t know that it’s possible for this band to put on a bad show.

Oh how I envied the young things down on the floor and surfing the crowd.  My heart longed to be one of them and all my joints laughed at the thought.

I miss the pit.

It was our last show together.  At least it was a good one.

A passing sigh for the path not taken but I will say, this one I’m on now is looking pretty good.

Found in Pintrest hell..

I’ve just got a couple of more slippery rocks to get across and I’m safely on the other shore. Yes, there’s always trip hazards but with the more I make and, equally importantly, the less I owe, the more grit I have to throw down on the slippery parts.

I decided to treat myself recently.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to do that.  I ordered a book I’ve been waiting for since before it came out.  I wanted to get some music as well and there’s so many things waiting for me in my shopping cart, specifically 338 things.

I wanted something new and different so I got this.

I love it just as much at home.

I can’t wait till they come close again.

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