I don’t deal well with the heat.

Never have, probably never will.

That said, it’s finally hot where I live.  Really hot and pretty damn humid as well.  Good for the curls, bad for everything else.

I’d turn on the central a/c that I’m very lucky to have but this current heat wave is only for three days and it seems silly to cool an entire house when the newt and I are the only ones in it and I’m gone at work for more time than I’m not.  There’s also the financial implications of flicking that switch.  I’d rather save up for when it’s going to be hot for weeks on end.

The first thing to go when it gets like this is my appetite.  But if I don’t eat I feel even worse which makes me not want to eat even more.

I’m finding that the key to breaking this lovely vicious circle is to have something quick, easy and tasty on hand.  One of my favorites in this category is my version of a Turkish chicken.

Marinate the chicken in a bit of plain yogurt with lemon juice, garlic, and some spices to taste.  I use this particular Turkish seasoning with another pinch of  Turkish oregano (yes it is different than the Italian stuff) that I pick up at the Turkish market.  I also throw in a pinch of a zaatar mix that’s been hanging around for awhile.  It probably came from Whole Foods.  Use what works for you.

Grill the chicken and if it’s a big piece either shred after cooking or cut it into bread sized medallions before marinating.

Wrap up the chicken with your favorite flatbread.  I’m rather partial to the ones at Costco.  They’re priced right and taste better than any flatbread I’ve ever made.  They freeze great and just need to be popped into a toaster to be ready to eat.

A yogurt sauce goes well with this if you have the ingredients on hand.  Just mix yogurt, dill (fresh is best but dried works) and some finely chopped and deseeded cucumber.  Mix up ahead of time by at least an hour if possible so the flavors have a bit of time to mix.  An even longer sit helps re-hydrate the dill if it’s dried.  It starts to go south pretty quick so make in amounts that will last you for about 24 hours or so.

Add lettuce, onion or tomatoes if you have and want them.

Serve with a simple side of dressed greens.

Depending on the particulars of taste and season, all of these ingredients are part of my regular pantry, freezer and bit of garden.  Work with what you’ve got and adjust accordingly.  You can also do the prep ahead of time and shave down the actually cooking and assembly to as little as 15 minutes when it’s actually time to eat.

Although I’m melting even I am willing to eat this.


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