Salt bomb

Life has been especially crazy lately.

Coming up hard and fast on the completion of a multi-year project at work so I’m working long hours and more days than ever before.  Good for the struggling finances, bad for cooking.

I’ve been trying to cook extra on the weekends to get me through the days when it’s just me to feed.  I’ll eat leftovers, especially if they can be repurposed.

Otherwise I just end up with a bowl of cereal for dinner.  Not the worst thing in the world but since I don’t eat when I’m busy working it can be problematic to not have at least one decent meal a day.

Roasted a chicken recently which was immediately broken down for stock.  Made more roasted potatoes than the youngest and I could eat with one meal, still working on readjusting quantities.  Coming from a restaurant background and then cooking for a large family means that I usually make too much.

Not a big fan of reheated roasted potatoes, they lose something in the translation, but there were too many to waste and I was hungry hence the repurposing.

I turned them into home-fries.

Start with a nice heavy pan, medium heat with a dollop of your favorite fat.  I used bacon grease, olive oil would work as well.  Once the pan is heated add in the cold roasted potatoes and occasionally move them around so that the edges crisp up nicely.  I also added some seasoned salt and crumbled in a piece and a half of bacon that I dug out of the back of the fridge.

I considered finishing it off with some cheddar cheese melted over the top but instead went with sour cream and fresh chives from the garden.

Yeah, it was a salt bomb but I’ve been craving salt with all the running around and damn was it yummy and filling.

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