Simple pleasures

Every summer I wonder why I torture myself blanching, peeling and then canning hundreds of tomatoes in the form of sauce or chopped up and packed in their own juice.

Then when it’s cold and dreary I remember why when dinner is made in 15 minutes with the pop of a top.

For tomato soup – brown some garlic in butter, however much you like of both.  Twist in some fresh ground pepper and then add the tomatoes packed in their own juice (you can use store-bought tomato chunks) and a blop of chicken base.  An immersion blender smooths it all out but if you don’t have one just run it through a blender or food processor before adding it to the pot.  Once the soup reaches a temperature you like add a dollop of heavy cream if you want or leave it as is.

I had some leftover bread and shredded cheese from a previous meal so I toasted the bread, added a bit of butter and then melted the cheese on.

Yeah, this is why.

tomato soup

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